For more information contact David Friese-Greene by email on:


There are many other initiatives relating to biochar worldwide and we would be interested to hear about them. Please contact us.

For more information about biochar and how it is being used the following websites will be helpful:

IBI International Biochar Initiative  -

Folke Gunther's website  -

I would like to particularly thank:

Charles Norwood and his team at Safari Drive Ltd in the UK for all there support.

Special thanks to Mike Whitelock at Safari Drive headquarters in Windhoek for his friendship, patience, expertise and brilliant support.

Professor Itanna at UNAM for generously inviting me to meet him in Windhoek to talk about biochar. 

Gerhard and Henriette Baufeldt in Windhoek for all there help with making things and guiding me through financial logistics.

Ian and Chantelle Galloway at Jumbo Charcoal for all their support.

Hermann Cloete for his friendship and great generosity

Professor Ibo Zimmermann from the Namibia University of Science and Technology 

Simon at 'Bushwhackers' expedition supplies in Windhoek for some great advice and support.

To everyone in Africa and the United Kingdom who have contributed to this project and the others who will - thank you so much.

The R.H. Southern Trust has funded the Soil Fertility Project with a view to its becoming economically sustainable. Marion Wells and James Bruges (who are trustees of the charity) had been in contact with Dr Cletus Babu of SCAD (Social Change and Development) since 2001. At a meeting in 2007 Cletus expressed interest in testing the use of biochar at the NGO’s organic farm and among its surrounding villages. Donations were made to initiate the project.

For more details about SFP's work in India and other SFP projects go to 

In 2011 James wrote a book called 'The Biochar Debate' published by Chelsea Green in the US and by the Schumacher Society in the UK.

This gives a background briefing on biochar, what it is and why it's important.