Robbin and some of his extended Himba family in a village near Purros. 


The landscapes of Namibia are truly spectacular. From bare rock mountains to grass savannah and endless deserts. 

Ephemeral rivers play an important part in shaping the landscape. They appear and disappear at will it seems. One moment they flood with life giving water, the next moment they are all sand again, the water being sucked into the earth to reappear at some spring or waterhole before eventually ending the journey in the Atlantic ocean. 

Water is everything, to care for it and use it well is to be in service to every living thing.

One of the Namib's great gifts is to remind us that we live on a finite planet and if we forget we are in great peril.

Namibia is one of the last places on earth where animals can be found wandering at will in their natural habitat. Especially adapted desert lion and elephant can be found in the wild here as can the wonderful giraffe and other game.

There are many organisations dedicated to protecting these animals and their habitats, which are slowly dwindling due to so many external pressures.

It is our hope that the work of SFP in developing sustainable ways of creating and increasing food security in these areas of great natural beauty, will help their survival. 


A 4x4 vehicle, in this case a Land Rover, is important for getting about in the remoter parts of Namibia. A collapsable tent is on the roof along with sand matts, used to get out of deep sand, and spare fuel cans. 

Camping is straight forward enough and with a little imagination it can be very comfortable. However the odd night at a lodge provides a great opportunity to get connected and have a hot shower!